Rushcreek Arabians

Nestled in the SandHills of Western Nebraska, the Rush Creek Land and Livestock Company has been in existence for many years--upon this ranch historically for cattle and ranch work, the Arabian horse had been bred and used exclusively--noted for their versatility, ability, temperament, and endurance, these "using" horses have been sought out by distance and endurance riders for their wonderful capacity to excel in distance sports. Many successful Tevis completions, even with high placings, have been accomplished atop a Rush Creek mount, as well as many long endurance riding careers, with recorded mileages into the thousands (one even with a career over 21,000 miles of competition). When the decision was made by the corporate board of the Rush Creek Land and Livestock Company to liquidate the breeding herd due to more recent cowboys demanding use of quarter horses, Prairie Sylvania Arabians jumped on the opportunity to acquire a good deal of these quality broodmares, youngsters and the most recent stallion to grace these bloodlines (Zee Business). We look forward to meeting your needs in a distance partner by continuing the fine tradition of breeding Arabians for your every need!