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Zena and Erin during the first few rides at the Downunder Horsemanship Colt Starting Clinic, June 2016, photo credit Rachelle Wilhelm

  • Erin and PS Arikaree Bask attempted Rio's first 50 in Oklahoma the first weekend of July--Rio did great, not only was it her first 50 attempt, but it was her first night ride as well! She rode the entire 2nd loop (19 miles) by herself and was a complete gem and willing trail partner. Erin made the decision to rider option after riding in lightning for the second part of the second loop and then a torrential downpour in camp during the second vet hold sealed her decision--Rio was eating well until the rain was blowing sideways! 38 miles completed, and would likely have made the last 12 if not for the weather! Look for our next go in the near future!!
  • Erin took RCPS Zena Warrior through a 10 day Colt Starting clinic at Clinton Anderson's DownUnder Horsemanship Ranch in June--Erin truly enjoyed the experience of being guided through the colt starting clinic under the many clinician's seasoned eyes, and truly enjoyed this little filly! True to the Rushcreek fame, she was sensible, willing, ultra sweet and extra smart! Sorry folks, but this little gal is sold, but we have others like her, and will be moving more of the youngsters through the well structured training program that Downunder Horsemanship provides!

  • PS Arikaree Bask, ridden by Erin Glassman, competed in her first limited distance AERC ride in April--a 25 mile ride. Despite the bogs and mud, and some minor booting issues during the Cowboy Country ride, Rio did great metabolically and rode without any other horses for the first 17 miles of the ride (she was a true trail partner, a true example of what we are breeding for!). Look for our future endeavors!!

  • Rushcreek News--Rushcreek Aubie and endurance legend/heroine Julie Suhr rode in the Rose Bowl Parade New Year's Day--how great to see a horse with the Rushcreek Legacy in such a high profile display! Sounds like all of the endurance horses did great, despite having to follow the Stanford Band (which apparently is known for some crazy antics!). Rock on Rushcreeks!

  • Erin and "Rio" (PS Arikaree Bask) had a great season together competing in North American Trail Ride Conference ( events throughout the central states. Watch for their 2016 season!

  • New Prairie Sylvania Owners and their Rushcreek horses to watch for--
    Sale of RCPS Ami to Idaho

Hannah in Colorado, NATRC
Kim in Georgia, NATRC
Sarah in Nebraska, NATRC
Steve in Kansas, NATRC/AERC

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