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The Boy Band
Our yearlings, taken this last winter--left to right RC Grandeur, RC Galahad, RC Gold, RC Geronimo and RC Gentleman

News and Happenings
*RC Klassy recovering after unusual pasture accident--RC Klassy, one of our broodmares who is in foal to Zee Business for next year's crop, was found out in the pasture by Priscilla and her sister Donna after not coming up to feed as usual. When they found her, she was quite swollen and gimpy with one large wound on the right side of her neck, and was taken immediately to the vet. Initially it was thought she had Pigeon Fever and that one of the abscesses had ruptured, but after a course in antibiotics and some lancing of what were thought to be abscesses, she showed very little improvement. The vet came out to Prairie Sylvania Farms and examined the wound more thoroughly and ended up pulling out quite a large chunk of wood from her lower right chest! Her body had been reacting to the foreign body the whole time! Smaller subsequent chunks were extricated from the wound, but we are all still puzzled as to how they got so low in her chest when her only puncture wound was high on the opposite side on her neck! We are also in marvel at how lucky this mare was that she didn't receive damage to any of the many vital structures in her neck! Happily, Klassy is recovering nicely at home, and we will continue to watch that she recovers fully from her incident! <<<<<<<

  • Congrats to Kira Everhart-Valentin and "Sunny" (PS Sabre's Sun) on finishing the 50 at Kanopolis State Park this last Labor Day weekend--it was a sanctioned AERC ride--Kira and Sunny had completed the 25 the day before under very hot and humid weather conditions. Sunny is out of Prairie Sylvania's breeding from PS Silver Sabres, an outstanding distance sire!