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The Boy Band
How time flies! These boys are now coming four year olds! The photo, taken a couple of winters ago, shows left to right RC Grandeur, RC Galahad, RC Gold, RC Geronimo and RC Gentleman--still with us are RC Galahad and RC Geronimo, as future herd sires! Watch for updated photos, coming soon (Probably after things get a little warmer and we start shedding our fuzzy coats)!

News and Happenings

  • Rushcreek News--Rushcreek Aubie and endurance legend/heroine Julie Suhr rode in the Rose Bowl Parade New Year's Day--how great to see a horse with the Rushcreek Legacy in such a high profile display! Sounds like all of the endurance horses did great, despite having to follow the Stanford Band (which apparently is known for some crazy antics!). Rock on Rushcreeks!

  • Erin and "Rio" (PS Arikaree Bask) had a great season together competing in North American Trail Ride Conference ( events throughout the central states. Watch for their 2016 season!

  • New Prairie Sylvania Owners and their Rushcreek horses to watch for--
    Kim in Georgia, NATRC
    Sarah in Nebraska, NATRC
    Steve in Kansas, NATRC/AERC

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