Sales & Leases We do have a number of horses available with varying levels of training background for sale or lease with NATRC competitive background, who are ready for you to pursue their achievements!

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Rushcreek Darline - 2009 Gray mare, by HV Suns Heaven and Earth out of RC Ravena. This young lady has a sweet disposition and is waiting for the right riding partner to come along. She has had some basic training and quite a few rides on the trails, she just needs you for some more wet saddle blankets and to build that competitive partnership. This little gal will be a dandy!

Rushcreek Polite - 2001 Bay mare, 15.1; sired by RC Kip by RC Caribou by Winraff++; out of RC Jan by Aladom (to Muscat and *Aladdinn), she out of RC Deann (to Orbit and Shalimar Pima). Polite has excellent conformation, built to move and is a very confident mare. She should excel at distance competition. Sold

Rushcreek Bandi- 2007 Gray mare, roughly 14.3, sired by Comar Raphael and RC Kandi....Bandi has been out on the trail several times and has nice forward movement, is well built and has a level head--she will make a wonderful competitive partner for any distance! Sold to Kim in Georgia, watch for this great pair on the competitive trail scene!

Coming Yearlings
If you are looking to start a youngster your own way, look here for a fine selection of athletic prospects!

PS Rushcreek Beyzee - 2015 Filly by Zee Business out of Rushcreek Natka

PS Rushcreek Bonanza - 2015 Colt by Zee Business out of Rushcreek Raven

PS Trakara Breezee - 2015 Filly by Zee Business out of Trakara Bask

Coming Two year olds

PS Rushcreek Ace - 2014 Gelding out of Zee Business by Rushcreek Kandi. This little guy is a looker, nice movement and a great personality to boot!

PS Rushcreek Ami - 2014 Filly by Zee Business out of Rushcreek Natka. This little gal is also friendly and very sweet. She will be a great partner out on the trail!

Coming Three year olds

RCPS Zane Grey - 2013 Gelding by Zee Business out of Rushcreek Ravena .

PS Trooper - 2013 Gray Gelding by GC Salute out of PS Twilight Mist. This friendly guy is very smart and will connect with you quickly! He will be a great trail partner for a lucky owner!

RCPS Zena Warrior - 2013 Filly by Zee Business out of Rushcreek Natka.\\ Sold to Bonnie in Nebraska!

Coming Four year olds

Rushcreek Gentleman - 2012 Bay colt, front socks, star and strip, by HV Suns Heaven and Earth, (lines to Niga, Aramus, Sar Ibn Moniet and Raffon) out of RC Polite. Gentleman is very correct, a nice mover and has a quiet, sensible disposition. Should mature to 15 hands or more. Sold!

Rushcreek Grandeur - 2012 Bay colt, no white markings, by HV Suns Heaven and Earth (lines to Niga, Aramus, Sar Ibn Moniet and Raffon), out of RC Pecan, a mare that was used for ranch work before becoming a broodmare; her sire is RC Kip, by Shalimar Caribou and out of a mare by SAHR Magnafy; her dam by Al-Marah Knight. Pecan’s dam, RC Freon is by Shalimar Rhett, by Orbit, and has several close-up crosses to Raffles. “Grand” has correct conformation and exceptional gaits. He also has the sensible Rushcreek disposition. Looks like he will be 15 hands or more at maturity. Sold!

Rushcreek Gold - 2012 Bay colt, one white rear coronet, foaled 2012; by HV Suns Heaven and Earth (lines to Niga, Aramus, Sar Ibn Moniet and Raffon), out of RC Sterling. Another nice moving, correctly structured colt with lots of potential. He is smaller than the other two right now, will probably mature about 14.3. Sold!

PS Lovely Lady - 2012 Black-bay filly with just a touch of white; she is out of Twilight Mist, an Arab-Trakehner cross mare who has performed well in NATRC and ACTHA rides. Her sire is J Krewe, a Huckleberry Bey grandson, with crosses to *Bask and close-up Azraff and *Witez II. This filly is bred for performance-deluxe and she is gorgeous!

PS Trakara River - 2012 Bay Gelding by out of PS Trakara Bask. This bold and friendly young man is a great mover out of proven competitive stock--look out for him to tear up the competition! Pending contract!

Coming 5-Year Olds
All of our 5-year olds have been sold!

Rushcreek Fabulous - 2011 Bay filly with rear socks, sired by HV Suns Heaven and Earth, out of RC Steph (RC Kip x RC Flashy). She’s going to be tall and can really move! She is also very sure-footed in our obstacle course. Sold to Sarah in Nebraska! Look for this dynamic duo in Region 6 NATRC rides!

Rushcreek Fabio - 2011 Bay gelding, no white, sired by HV Suns Heaven and Earth, out of RC Sterling. This guy is as nice a distance-gelding as you will find anywhere! Smooth, ground-eating gaits and a sensible disposition, he might be yanked from the sales list any day and become one of our “keepers”—he is that good! He is not cheap, but you cannot go wrong with this one! Fabio is going to be actively competed in the upcoming 2016 season for competitive trail and limited distance endurance. Watch out for this fancy boy!

Seasoned Horses for Sale

PS Sabres Shadow - 2005 Gray Gelding by PS Silver Sabres out of TB Chaeuteau. Known by "Dash" this "Dashing" gentleman has had quite a few rides out on the competitive trail scene and is a CTR winner with a junior rider. He will be a great partner for you if you're ready to get going in your competitive career!